About Us

Heartefact strengthens critical awareness and builds an open and free society in the region of the Western Balkans through creative, expert, and artistic exchange. Heartefact was founded in 2009.

Heartefact supports and encourages contemporary and engaged cultural and artistic creativity, and thus creates the conditions for producing a new generation of progressive individuals.

Ever since its establishment Heartefact has been committed to creating a regional cultural space which is responsible towards the past and builds a secure future.

Heartefact gives special attention in its work to marginalized and discriminated social groups.

Heartefact has productions, a foundation, and an institute. So far we have produced more than 50 art programmes in the theatrical and visual arts, published over twenty authors of contemporary drama, supported over 80 programmes through the foundation, and organised over 100 exchanges in the region.

The Institute is dedicated to creating spaces for positive action and innovative methods of dealing with societal challenges. It achieves this goal through through partnership development, research, and program building. Since its inception, the Institute has developed over 30 programs that address a range of topics, such as the refugee crisis, theatre as a constructive space in society, human rights, and democracy building.

In the Production program, Heartefact reconnects diverse regional artistic expressions and creates a unique regional cultural space through new models of cultural production and the connection of artists from the region as well as the promotion of socially responsible cultural and artistic creativity.

HF is advocating new models of production, regional cooperation and alternative forms of education. Within the program of Production, Heartefact creates a space for artistic communication about painful social issues. Through the changing of existing artistic and cultural practices in the region, HF supports artists who have the knowledge and desire to critically reflect on society around them. The work of young artists is affirmed by the annual award for the best contemporary dramatic text.

Activities of the Production program are focused primarily on the theater and the visual arts. Socio-politically engaged theater and visual productions are the central point of the work of Heartefact, which makes us a leading actor of contemporary artistic expressions in the region.

Performances, such as Hipermnezija, Bent, Workers Die Singing, Hunger, The Finger, This Grave Is Too Small for Me and A Tomb for Boris Davidovich, won numerous awards at national and international festivals, while the exhibition Bogujevci / visual history has set new framework and practices when it comes to the culture of remembrance and methods of dealing with the past in the Balkans.

Hartefakt Foundation contributes to building a democratic and responsible society by reinforcing the civil sector and developing philanthropic practices and the culture of giving in our society.

We encourage the development of a culture of giving and philanthropy as an important instrument for improving communities and society in whole. Through the development of innovative philanthropic practices, such as programs Art Friendly , Heartefact builds confidence in the foundations and promote the value of individual contributions for the common good.

Through a program of small grants, the Foundation supports the development of critical and independent thinking as well as the promotion of human rights, tolerance, equality, minority rights, intercultural dialogue and regional cooperation. We support organizations and initiatives from the territory SRBJ, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo to recognize local needs and bring positive social and political change in their environment.