Text / Production / Concept authors
Andrej Nosov, Srđan Ćešić

Performers and co-authors of the programme
Janko Dimitrijević, Nevena Negojević, Jelena Graovac

Awake for 48 hours.

48 hours of uninterrupted public readings of hundreds of pages of texts: personal stories of refugees and texts about the fates of refugees from antiquity to the present day, demonstrating the misfortune of those who have been forced to leave their homes.

The audience is in action, it is sufficient to get in line, to take over the reading, or to actively listen. If you replace one of the readers you take over the responsibility, and demonstrate solidarity by reading and listening to others.

When you approach, or when someone else approaches as you read, you are taking over or handing over the role in front of the camera. All of this is solidarity with those who call, speak out and seek support. It is a call to the world for humanity, for solidarity, to speak out, and for action.

This is theater. This is performance. This is visual art. This is practical. This is theory. This is contemporary. This is traditional. This is European. This is nothing compared to life. This is an attempt to be human.