Nina Džuver, inspired by drama “Miss Julia” August Strindberg

Mirjana Karanović

Sonja Vukićević

Assistant director
Damjan Kecojević

Mia David

Costume designer
Zora Mojsilović

Draško Adžić

Light design

18 November 2017

About the play

JuliJA is an author’s project by actress and director Mirjana Karanovic, in which she, in her personal motives and contemporary social problems, offered an answer to the question of where and what Strindberg’s “Miss Julia” is doing today? Bringing the famous piece to its main heroine, Julia, the author offers a convincing (contemporary) interpretation. In this way, Mirjana Karanović manages to focus one of the main questions of “Miss Julia”, the struggle of the sexes, in the context of contemporary society, its forms of communication and analysis – what it means to be the hero of our time.

Word of the author

This is a show about Julia and me. About passion, craving, rebellion, beauty, talent, excellence, ambition and survival. About everything that binds her and me for decades. About misconceptions, defeats, suffering, arrogance, mistakes, weaknesses, rises and falls. This is a notion of fittings and freedom. She and I are alive. Despite everything. This is a performance that celebrates her life.

The word of the dramatist

Is it wise, Miss Julia, to open up this topic?

Walking along the edge of memory, Miss Julia reconsiders the role she plays in her past life. From July to July, it has been over for centuries, but it remains the first and last link in the vicious circle of imposed rules and expected outcomes.

Julia does not have a mask that has been imposed on her since long ago. She does not agree to a simple pairing, she does not adhere to anything less than pure love. She loves herself to love others. She does not think just like everyone because she can not. Therefore, the struggle of learned and instinctively becomes the struggle for a life that he likes to live. What remains for Julia, who thinks with her head? How to overflow so many words that are continuously placed in her mouth and staying up, far above everything?