Not much about anything

Gallery O3one

“Not much about anything” was part of an exhibition program of the Festival of Tolerance, which was held from 13th to 15th November 2014 in Belgrade in organisation of the Heartefact.

“Not much about anything”, an exhibition of illustrations, photomontage, texts and video works was created as part of the activities on social networks, almost the only remaining media in Serbia, through which it is possible to achieve an independent engagement and critical look at our political and wider social reality. Through his work, the author was confronting the political byways which ranged Serbia and advocated reconciliation, tolerance and a shift away from a system of values which our country and its close surroundings turned into an area of constant crisis and synonymous with instability and tension.

Srdjan Cesic was born in 1969. He completed his studies in visual communication at the International College of Arts and Sciences in Milan. He is the writer and director of satirical show “Never sorry”, “For unknown reasons” and “UPS”. He published his political illustrations in magazines Interview, Fight and NIN. He worked on numerous marketing, political and socially engaged campaigns as an art director and designer.