Bogujevci // Visual history

Cultural Center Belgrade

In the form of art instalation, this exhibition is dealing with a specific crime commited by the Scorpions unit, on members of the family Bogujevci in Podujevo on March 1999. Fourteen members of family Bogujevci and Durici was shot while five children survived, among them Saranda (13), Jehona (11) and Fatos Bogujevci (12). In July 2003, three of them testified before the War Crimes unit of Supreme Court in Belgrade in proceedings against Sasa Cvjetan, a former member of the Scorpions. In July 2005, Cvjetan was sentenced to a prison term for twenty years. In September 2003, the surviving members of family Bogujevci, began campaign in Canada for bringing to justice Dejan Demirovic, another perpetrator of the crime. Demirovic was extradited to Serbia and he was tried in Belgrade in December 2008, with four other defendants, with testimony of surveved members of Bogujevci family. In exchange for the withdrawal of the indicment, Demirovic became a cooperating witness, and the rest of the four were sentenced to twenty years in prison on 2009.

Exhibition Bogujevci // Visual history consists of reconstruction of the living room in house of Bogujevci family, hospital room where they lay after the crime and courtroom where they testified against members of the Scoripions, through which the authors convey their personal confession of what they survived. Through multimedia technique, it was presented the result of ten-year work of three artist, which is designed as a tribute to all the innocent victims of wars and a proof thath justice can be served.

The exhibition is supported by the Swiss Embassy and the Open Society Foundation.