Anti-Masonic posters

Cultural centre Parobrod

Thematic exhibition, Anti-Masonic posters was opened on 14th of November 2014 at the Cultural centre Parobrod, as part of the Festival of Tolerance in Belgrade.

The posters are part of the Great Anti-Masonic Exhibition which after the occupation of the Nazis in 1941 was opened in October 1941 in Belgrade. It was financed by the Germans, who aspired to deepen the already inflamed hatred toward Jews.

Posters were transmitting the message that Jews are ancient enemies of the Serbian people, and that Serbs should not wait for the Germans to begin the extermination of the Jews. Judaism, shown in a stereotypical orthodox way was presented as a source of world evil. In that way, anti-Semitic propaganda presented Jews as both capitalists and communists, as the illusive Zionist force that pervades all aspects of European and even global economic life.

Anti-Masonic exhibition consists of 17 original posters and three posters replicated on existing dimensions, which are made from photographs of the original posters settings from 1941. For the first time in more than four decades, the exhibition was held in Zagreb in 2013 at the Festival of Tolerance, and after that in Sarajevo, in 11/07/95 memorial gallery dedicated to Srebrenica, as well as in Tuzla.