The Winners of Heartefact’s Best Contemporary Engaged Play Contest

photo: Ruzica Milovanovic

Heartefact Fund announces the results of the seventh regional contest for best contemporary engaged play:

45 plays from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina applied for the contest. 

The members of the Jury:
Zanina Mircevska, playwright, dramaturg and professor from Skopje and Ljubljana (as the president of the Jury)
Alban Ukaj, an actor from Sarajevo
Biljana Srbljanovic, drama author and professor from Belgrade,
with the help of Tijana Grumic, playwright and dramatug, as a collaborator, unanimously rewards the play The Muscat Flowers Can Survive It All by Iva Brdar, who lives and works in Berlin.

The text is a poetically dark, cynically melancholic, but also a humorous and sentimental drama about the stratification of the society “to the floors”, the family breakdown, departures, forgiveness, inability to leave or to allow others to leave.

The text is very mature, painful, skillfully written in a very unique language, with the poetry of ordinary words. It flows easily and it’s easily read. The tension is constant, and we can only take our guesses about what happens at the end.

It’s a story about a boy and a family and a building. Its background is a clear social context that is actually dominant. The skyscraper represents a society, a modern society, not only Serbian, but also European; people climbing and descending on social ranks resembles switching floors, and once they think they’ve gone up, they have nowhere to go, except to return (now directly), downstairs.

The Jury gives the second award to “Survival” written by Mina Ciric and Jasmina Vecanski from Belgrade and Pancevo. The third award is given to Bogdan Spanjevic from Belgrade for his text “Deadline”. 

Jury’s Special Mention awards go to two more plays:

“A Class Above” by Dora Golub from Virovitica who lives and works in Zagreb and “You Take It All from Home” by Emina Omerovic from Zagreb, who lives and works in Sarajevo. 

The winning plays of the previous contests are now already well-known plays: Olga Dimitrijevic’s “Worker’s Die Singing”, Doruntina Basha’s “Finger”, Vesna Peric’s “How’s It Her Fault None Of It Is Her Fault”, Mirza Skenderagic’s “Wake Me Up When I’m Done” and Stasa Bajac’s “This One Will Be Different”.