The First Day of HFestival

Formerly known as the Festival of Tolerance, HFestival promotes the work of young authors, engaged art, regional collaboration and the need for a responsible society, inviting the public to get familiar and connected with different works from the field of visual and performing arts. From 10th to 15th December, the audience will get a chance to attend different events reflecting the work of Heartefact and its partners conducted in the year behind us.  

The fifth HFestival will be opened on 10th December at 19h in Yugoslav Film Archive, with Fadil Sarki’s photo exhibition “The Paths of Despair”. This photo series was created as Sarki was traveling with a group of migrants. He started taking photos at the train station in Belgrade and continued following the migrants to Hungary and Austria. Sarki’s photos are poignant not only because of their content but also because of his continuous presence, not only as an artist but also as a citizen who decided to participate in a global event by any means. 

The program of the first day of the festival will be continued in Bitef Theatre at 20h, when theatre “Hotel Bulic” will perform “Nora – A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Senka Bulic. Based on one of the most performed classics in the world, the performance deals with the problems that seem to be bothering society as much as they used to at the time of the text’s premiere. What is the reach of rebellion and the place of freedom in a highly materialistic society? What is the relationship between the intimate and social opression? Hinting a revolted human, what does Nora become in the contemporary context of seemingly numerous choices which are actually reduced possibilities? Adjusted to meet the contemporary social, political and economic context, the performance repositions the  performative focus of Nora’s story. “Nora” is performed by Helena Minic Matanic, Marko Cindric, Lucija Serbedzija, Igor Kovac and Darko Japelj. The tickets are available at Eventim

On the same day, we are organizing a debate/media appearance training within the “Children of the Nineties” project. This project maps the political behavior of those who grew up in the post-revolutionary Serbia, with the aim of identifying their political needs and opinions, as well as to ask questions which would motivate young people to think and get socially engaged. The project includes young people aged 18 to 28. The training will be held by Marko Cirovic.