Masterclass of Biljana Srbljanovic has been realized

New Masterclass course of contemporary dramaturgy which was led by Biljana Srbljanovic has been realized successfully. During two days lectures and practice exercises, participants had the opportunity to meet better the process of creating contemporary drama.

The materials, historical stories have been researched, the work on systematization and separation of historical fabula and making drama synopsis was made. In the workshops the participants were creating dramatic narratives on the basis of concrete historical events, that were proposed by participants themselves previously.

During the first day, participants learnt mostly about putting up theoretical frames necessary for creating a contemporary drama. Biljana Srbljanovic explained to the participants few important terms such as inventing traditions, place of memory and other important postulates of dramatic and post-dramatic theatre. After the theoretical part, every participant made a proposal of a historic topic of his/her interest.

On the second day, participants were writing their topics in the form of scenario and synopsis, and were completing their ideas with the help of suggestions of professor Biljana Srbljanovic and then read what they wrote.

The choice of historic topics was very rich-from the very actual topics of workers in mines, across the memory of war state in Yugoslavia, to the historic topics related to development and formation of national identity in Montenegro, for example.

At these Masterclass classes the basic thesis for developing drama were set up. More than one is going to be shown in the form of showcase in December of this year. The practical work on platform with participants will be continued on NEW platform after finishing Masterclass.

On Friday, 2 November NEW Masterclass of creative production will start and it will be led by Tobias Veit, executive director of theatre Shaub├╝chne in Berlin, and after it, on November 5 will start the last NEW Masterclass – Program of artistic theatre management led by Andreas Beck, director and director of theatre in Basel.