Open call for fellowship program

Open call for application


Dedicated to a professional development of an individual, who during the course of the fellowship conduct a research with support and professional help of Heartefact fund. Basis of the research done by the chosen candidate need to be within the framework of democracy and human rights.
Heartefact fund with its activities encourages the development of critical thinking and further development of civil society.  Through fellowship programme, introduced in 2018., Heartefact seeks  to form a practice of independant research on the topics that deal with human rights, democracy, tolerance, equality, protection of minority rights, intercultural dialogue and regional cooperation.
As a result of their work, participants will form proposals for public policy and advocate their views in front of institutions and agencies who need to accapt and adopt, as well as promote and present their results and goals to the public.

The closing date for submissions is 20th August. Application must include the following documents:

–       CV
–       Motivational letter
–       Short description of the research topic (up to one page long)

These documents need to be sent to

The application is opent for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Srbia and Kosovo.
Programme will take place from 15th September to 15th November 2018.