“The Finger” on the May repertoire

Play “The Finger” directed by Ana Tomovic, after a long time, is again on the repertoire, May 14 at 20:00 at the Center for Cultural Decontamination.

In many traditional Kosovar houses, it still happens that women of men who disappeared during the war are continuing to live with their husband’s family, even though it’s been more than a decade since the war. The right over their lives, which once belonged to their husbands, now belongs to his family. They do not have a ‘private’ life. Whatever they do, it could be interpreted as coming directly from the family of her husband, so they must be controlled in order to protect the honor of the family. But what happens if the husband’s family consists only of his mother? Is she able to control the situation? And how does she maintain a household in the situation when she is haunted by the memories of the missing son who she tried to hide in the basement? How to retain power in a situation where her daughter-in-law’s expectations regarding missing the husband are somewhat different, and when two women are hurting each other, bringing the relationship to the (impossible) resolution? The Finger explores this relationship in the context of the most sensitive problems in Kosovo today: the question of the missing, but from a completely new, for this society radical position of women that are left behind.

Cast: Jasna Đuričić, Milica Stefanović

You can purchase tickets for the show on Eventim.rs, by calling 011 24 34 323 or by purchasing at the entrance, before the start of the play.

The play has an English subtitle.