Heartefact’s members in the Creative Industries Council

The first meeting of the Creative Industries Council of Serbia was held On March 23, in Mokrin. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić is chair of the Council. Council brings together individuals and organizations with rich experience in creative industries.

Among the members of the Council are the director of Heartefact Andrej Nosov, as well as the member of the board of Heartefact Biljana Srbljanović. Some of the main activities of this Council are – identifying key financial and legal barriers to the further growth of creative industries, as well as proposing concrete solutions to the needs of domestic industry and successful global practice.

Creative industries include: music, film, photography, radio, tv, design, marketing, digitalization, IT software, gaming, old crafts and architecture, publishing, books, newspapers, magazines, video games publishing, museums and galleries, visual and performing arts . Creative industries of a country derive from the knowledge and innovation economy, and in that sense they are the result of the interweaving of art, technology and business. The rise of creative industries represents an opportunity for faster development of our country in several fields.

Beside the members of Heartefact, members of the Council are: Lazar Džamić, Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, Jasna Dimitrijević, Aleksandra Lazar, Nikola Božović, Vuk Veličković, Slavimir Stojanović, Igor Todorović and Milan Marković, as well as organizations such as Exit Foundation, Belgrade Cultural Network, New Iskra , StartIT, Serbian Film Association and Mokrin House.

Representatives of Heartefact, with their gained experience, will try to contribute to the work of the Council and the development of this undoubtedly important industry in order to promote innovation and creativity as new elements of “soft power” in building a new image of Serbia.