Stasa Bajac is the winner of Hartefact’s contest

Authors from Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia have applied at this year’s Heartefact contest for contemporary engraved drama texts. The professional jury, through three rounds of selection, singled out the top five texts, among which was victorious one.

Stasa Bajac and drama “This Will Be Different” won the fifth Heartefact Regional Competition for the Best Contemporary Contemporary Full Feature Drama Text. This decision was made by a jury comprised of the theater director Nebojsa Bradic, who is also the president of the jury, dramatist Biljana Srbljanovic and the theater director Andras Urban.

In addition to the winning drama, in the narrow selection of the jury, the drama “The Cheerleader or How I Killed My Family” Lejla Kalamujić, “The Daily Dose of Masochism”, Dina Vukelić, “House” by Benjamin Hasić, and “Would you like to meet sometimes: on rape” by Ana Isaković and Ramiz Huremagić.

Postmodern Fairytale ” This will be different ” is confronting the daily dreams of young women with the truth of the nightmare. In the world of spectacle, accepted patterns of consumption and desirable behavior, the fantasy of an ideal man collides with machismo, misogyny, vulgar sex, and violence. The consequences are the loss of illusions and violence that a young woman makes in response to the violence she suffers. Ironically, occasionally cynical wit, look at dreams that have problems”, said the jury’s announcement.

This was the fifth Heartefact Contest for Contemporary Engaged Dramatic Text, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. Competition for the best contemporary engaged drama text promotes engaged art and responsible writing for the theater, as well as talented drama writers from the countries of the region – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

At this year’s competition, stylistic and thematically diverse drama came, which were presented by the jury with a great challenge. Heartefact will publish and promote these drama in order to encourage theaters and independent troops to create space for young authors.