Mirko Ilic lecture and exhibition of new symbols of tolerance

Mirko Ilic will give a lecture on the topic involving “New symbols of hatred“ starting at 16h in Yugoslavien Kinoteka (street Uzun Mirkova 1). After the lecture, in 17:30h, there will be an opening of the exhibition of winning Heartfact competition design.

Independent regional culture organization Heartefact, with a support from the Australian Embassy in Belgrade, created a competition for creation of a new visual identity of tolerance.  The competition lasted until 31.08.2017. We have received numerous design solutions, and the jury representatives: Mirko Ilic, Mia David, Rober Coban, Ivan Tasovac and Australian Ambassador  H.E. Julia Feeney made a selection of the best ten design solutions that will be exhibited in Kinoteka.

Before the exhibition, Mirko Ilic will give a lecture involving the topic “New symbols of hatred”. His lecture, discusses local and regional problems of public suppression or neglect of the graphic symbols and hate speech of neo-Nazi groups (skinheads, neo-Nazis and extreme soccer fans) which have recently strengthened, become larger and more violent. This multi-media lecture included photos of flags, banners, symbols, tattoos that show affiliation to a group and by using these symbols the group members show ignorance.

Thereafter, Mirko Ilic, will open the exhibition “New symbols of tolerance” created from the works  of ten artists that have applied on Heartefact competition. The opening of the exhibition will follow announcement of the winner of the competition.

Organizing many different activities during the pride week, Heartfact wishes to address the importance of tolerance. Events that we are inviting you to attend on Saturday 16. September 2017. have a goal to enhance and turn attention to these topics of great importance.