We launched a new portal Remarker!

Visit portal remarker.media and inform yourself on number of questions involving politics, culture and society.

We present you with our new portal Remarker, started by Heartefact organisation with a goal to address important questions involving politics, culture and society using innovative ways of approaching these issues.

Remarker emerged from the need to question some of the aspects involving politics, culture and society from a different perspective and to try and tackle these questions more clearly. The big part of what makes Remarker, are the contributors of the portal. At the moment some of the contributors are: Biljana Srbljanović, Ana Martinoli, Marina Fratucan, Mia David, Vanja Bahilj, Slaven Došlo, Goran Miletić,  Nikola Ljuca, Nataša Damnjanovic, Ivan Despotović, Aleksandra Babić, Olivera Milošević and others.

Our main editor anwearing the question Why Remarker, said :

“Because at the end, there were always people whose words meant something. They were against war, involved in demonstrations, running away, or waiting for something to pass. From time to time, and most of the time, during the night. You could inform yourself and listen to a more alternative side.  Today, allegedly, things are different, but actually totally same.

One side is for the government, and the other is for the opposition. Problem and the question that surrounds us are the same. New technologies created a possibility for a faster and simpler communication. Today we talk and listen less then we used to. That’s why we created Remarker.

Its not the first time that things seem impossible. Year ago when we started preparing this new space, it seemed impossible, but never the less, its still happening. Some don’t like how the society looks like today. Maybe you blame the government or the opposition for that, or the elite or the pop culture, or education or the church. Maybe you understand the reality that surrounds us. But one thing is sure- everything starts from an individual act or action. What can i do to change things?

Remarker is our response to the silence. Today we continue the same road many before us have started, walked for a long time and done a lot, giving us hope and chance to live differently. That’s why Remarker.”

You can find our content on remarker.media and via social networksYouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you have any questions you can write to our email info [AT] remarker.media.