Heartefact launched new series “90s kids” at Remarker portal

Heartefact Fund started broadcasting the series “90s kids” at Remarker portal in January, and the publication “What is Politcs? 100 Accurate and Incorrect Statements”.

We were born and grew up in an environment where it has already been widely accepted that the system has failed, that politics is useless and cynical, that the community is dysfunctional and that we will always live badly.

In search of content that will underline the development of critical thinking and youth analytics, the foundation of official history, the culture of memory and familiarity with the political heritage of our country, the Heartefact Fund has conducted research and started with a series of content that will help to better understand contemporary society and political reality.

A series of “90s kids”, together with the electronic publication “What is Politics? 100 Accurate and Incorrect Statements”, was created by a young generation, examining their own behaviors and needs, understanding contemporary history and almost twenty years of transition, themes in search of their own and collective political identity.

The publication is a small handbook for understanding political heritage as well as a short introduction to the alternative history of Serbia. Experts working on the publication and dealing with individual attitudes accepted by the young are Marijana Toma, Đorđo Žujović, Danko Runić, Milan Antonijević and Goran Miletić.

Every Friday at Remarker portal you can watch new epizodes of series “90s kids”.

You can download the entire publication here.

The project is supported by the Fund for an open society.