90s kids

With the project “90s kids” the Heartefact Fund maps and analyzes the attitudes and behavior of those who grew up in Serbia in order to create their own tools for understanding common political legacy, media and public space, and to bring young people to thinking and social engagement.

“90s kids” is a new generation project that examines its own behavior and needs, understanding contemporary history, the context of the 5th October and almost twenty years of transition from which no conclusions have been drawn. Heartefact wants kids to come to a critical analysis, confrontation of thoughts and to build their own and collective political identity.

The goal of the project is to build a space in which the context is important, where there is a collective memory and in which we can clearly identify the intentions of political action that we will clearly recognize, and in which the relativization of fundamental democratic values ​​is not acceptable.

Within the project, some of the stereotypes related to contemporary history and the views of young people about this have been explored. Results of this procejts are an electronic publication entitled “90s kids – What is Politics? 100 accurate and inaccurate statements” and a series of “90s kids” which will be broadcasted at Remarker portal.

During the project, young people, who grew up in our area and watched all events as children, were gathered. Experts who witnessed these events responded to their views and opinions on Yugoslavia, Tito, the NATO bombing, war’s “heroes”, Kosovo, the 5th of October and other important socio-political topics, which will provide their knowledge with a wider perspective on certain phenomena and attitudes.

Competition for Engaged Contemporary Dramatic Art

This annual competition was created on the belief that young, regional artists can be engaged stakeholders of social change. It aims to facilitate the formation of a new generation of socially engaged individuals who can contribute to the development of the region. Hundreds of playwrights enter every year, and a jury picks the top five to publish in print form. The winning playwright is awarded a monetary prize and payment for the rights so that Heartefact can stage and premiere the play.


In 2015, Heartefact published a book, titled Among Us, which was a collection of personal stories from LGBT persons in the region. As part of the book promotion, HF organized a public discussion in Croatia on LGBT rights. Additionally, HF partnered with Stokholm-based organization Transpond AB to collect oral histories of LGBT persons.