How to apply


Within the Foundation, Heartefact supports local stakeholders, organizations and initiatives with the aim of encouraging socially responsible actions. Hartefakt supports projects that are implemented in the areas of socially engaged art and culture and the protection and promotion of human rights. Competition for the submission of ideas is always open. The application procedure is designed in a way that helps organizations and initiatives to better and more clearly articulate their project ideas and to facilitate the acquisition of the necessary knowledge in the field of project development for less experienced stakeholders. Application procedure consists of several steps:


Filling out the online application:
Your project idea can be submitted to Heartefact Foundation by filling an online application that contains questions about your organization and project. The project proposal can be written in English or Serbian language. When you submit the application, you will be notified of the successfully submitted project proposal. HF staff views the project idea and checks to see if it meets the basic criteria. You might get a call for a meeting, a phone conversation or have to answer additional questions.


Grant Commission
After submitting the application, your project idea is considering an independent Grant commission of Heartefact Foundation, which meets four times a year. In the event that the members of the Grant Commission additional information is required, your organization will be contacted by Grant administrator. If the Commission approves the project proposal, procedure for obtaining grants begins.


The allocation of grants
Funds are awarded after the signing of the Grant Agreement. Project activities will start only when this procedure is finished. The grant does not cover costs made before signing the contract.

Criteria used to assess the project:

Clearly presented project idea
Well explained problem addressed in this project and the relevance of this issue for the local community
A clear link between the objectives, activities and results of the project
A realistic approach to problem solving
The appropriateness of the proposed solutions and methods
The project budget that is consistent with the activities
If you have additional questions or need assistance in completing the application, you can contact the Grant administrator of the Heartefact Foundation.

Contact: grants [AT]

Online application form