Management board

Ana Martinoli

Teaches, makes and loves – radio. Grew up on radio B92 for 17 years – as a reporter, producer, director of the program. Created a number of socially responsible radio campaigns. She is the author of a radio documentary “Radio you listen, watch, read … radio who lives” of six episodes, filmed on the occasion of the 25th birthday of Radio B92. She teaches at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and UNESCO master program Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Has the most patience for her students and the least for herself. Carefully nurture and defends innate introversion.

Mirko Ilić

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before arriving in the U.S. he had ilustrated numerous posters, record covers, and books in Europe. In 1991, he became art director of the international edition of Time Magazine, and later he was the art director of the New York Times Op-Ed pages. Mirko has written several books with Steve Heller, including Genius Moves: 100 Icons of Graphic Design, Handwritten, Stop Think Go Do i Lettering Large. He also wrote The Design of Dissent with Milton Glaser.

Robert Čoban

President of the company “Color Press Group”, the biggest publishing house in all ex-Yugoslavia, with 78 editions. He finished Faculty of Law, Novi Sad University in 1988 and became senior undergraduate in 1993. After that he worked as a correspondent from Novi Sad for the Belgrade newspaper “Večernje novosti”, Zagreb newspaper “Arena” and Sarajevo newspaper “Naši dani” (1990-1991). Editor-in-chief of the student magazine “Index” and of the independent magazine “Nezavisni index” (1992).

Goran Miletić

Has a Master of Law from Belgrade University (Serbia) and a European Regional MA in Democracy and Human Rights. He worked for the Humanitarian Law Centre in Belgrade where he prepared and conducted numerous training sessions related to human rights, prohibition of torture, prison monitoring, advocacy, lobbying and monitoring of human and minority rights. He is member of European Commission of Sexual Orientation Law. Since 2011, he has been a Program Director within Civil Rights Defenders for the Western Balkans.

Branko Cvejić

Branko Cvejić has a rich acting career. He is famous for his role in the TV series “Grlom u jagode”, and his work and creativity today are closely related to the Yugoslav Drama Theater where he got his first engagement in 1969. He was engaged as operations director at the time of Jovan Cirilov’s mandate. Since 2000, he was responsible for completing the construction of a new theater building. He was director of the Yugoslav Drama Theater from 2003 to the end of 2011. As a producer / director, he led a large number of independent projects and co-productions. He has won a number of awards in the field of theater. He had remarkable roles in several performances in Hartefact’s production.

Staff members

Andrej Nosov

Director, producer, activist. He finished Undergraduate and Master studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Department of Theatre and Radio Directing. He directed more than ten performances in Serbia and the region. The founder of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights. He has worked on more than 100 programs over the past 15 years, in the NGO, artistic and educational sectors.

Biljana Srbljanovic
Program editor

Professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, dramaturg, activist. One of the best-known playwrights in the region. Her plays have been staged and translated all over the world. As a prominent humanist and philanthropist, she manages to highlight numerous social issues of the contemporary society through her (theatrical) work and devotion.

Zivana Jankovic
Financial coordinator

Accountant and translator. She graduated from the Third Grammar School in Belgrade and studied English language and Law. She has been an entrepreneur since she was 22, which provided her with practical knowledge and skills necessary for the tasks she is performing in Heartefact Fund.

Mirjana Milojevic
Financial Assistant and Office Manager

Engineer of organizational sciences. She graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. Before working in Heartefact, she has worked in similar positions.

Vesna Gajic
Project developer

Producer. Before coming to Heartefact she worked as a producer of festivals and theater performances. She gained a Masters’ degree in Management in Culture and Media at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, where she previously finished undergraduate studies at the Department of Management and Radio Production in Theater, Radio and Culture.

Vukoman Stranjacevic
Program coordinator

Literary historian. He finished undergraduate and Master studies at the Faculty of Philology, Department of Comparative Literature.

Galina Maksimovic
Dramaturg – coordinator

She studies Dramaturgy at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Besides theatre, she engages in numerous sorts of jobs in the field of film. She is the co-founder and president of the Cine club Zrenjanin.

Mina Ciric
Dramaturg – coordinator

Playwright and director. She attends Master studies of Dramaturgy at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She has worked on around 10 plays as a writer, co-writer and dramaturg. She also acts and dances.